The Cancer Trust's

Our Directors have worked together since 2013, contributing different but very complimentary areas of expertise.

Duncan N. Darrow... a Wall Street dealmaker for over 25 years and the founder (in 2002) of what has become the nation's largest free cancer counseling center that operates on a regional basis (visit He is the Chairman of the Board of The Cancer Trust...

CONTRIBUTIONS: Duncan founded The Cancer Trust and is the keeper of its vision. He also is heavily involved in recruiting the research talent pools, talking to both scientists and Directors of the cancer centers where they work.

Mark Pasmantier, MD... has been a clinical oncologist for over 40 years at New York Hospital and is a member of the faculty of Weill Cornell Medical College.

CONTRIBUTIONS: Mark is a builder of bridges between the sometimes different worlds of academia and commerce; He is skilled at navigating the academic bureaucracy and has deep insights into new research pathways having practiced as a clinical oncologists for decades.

Alan Jakimo... is a graduate of Harvard's Law School and Business School and has been a partner in Sidley Austin, where he specializes in Tech Transfer Agreements. He also is on the advisory board of the Genetics Policy Institute and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories. He too is a director of The Cancer Trust...

CONTRIBUTIONS: lan is a interface with the Technology Transfer Officers or "TTOs" who are based at each of the Cancer Centers in the Consortium and must negotiate the contractual arrangements among those Centers and vis-a-vis the Funding Source.

Jeremy Bloomer... has led several successful startups including: an investment bank, a $1 Billion investment fund and an insurance company.

CONTRIBUTIONS: Because of Jeremy's many years as an investment banker, he is well suited to act as the Board's liason to the financial advisory firms that The Cancer Trust retains, in order to assist the Trust in finding the Institutional Funder who will provide long-term financial support to the Collaboratives the Trust assembles.