The Cancer Trust's
Core Principles


We operate as a 501. c3 organization

Biology-Led Research

We provide teams of researchers led by molecular biologists who work together within Research Modules

Collaborative Research

All parties must agree to share findings. "No Secrets Among Us"

Funding Equally Distributed

Research grants are equally disctributed among the 4 Research Modules

Profits Equally Distrubuted

Profits from new target identification and drug discovery are shared equally among the four Research Modules

Increased Chance of New Therapies

The researchers in a Cancer Trust collaborative aim to bend the probability curve toward an increased rate of success for cancer treatment

"The NCI Research Model -- spending billions each year on thousands of different grants -- has not improved survival rates as much as once hoped."
- Duncan Darrow


A Cancer Trust collaborative has a better chance of breakthrough discoveries because of...

Better Researchers & Better Managed Research

By trust-building, all our researchers are affiliated with the country's most prestigious Cancer Centers and their research process is very carefully managed.

Grants are Larger & Longer

A typical "RO1" Grant, from the NCI, is $1Million or less and rarely lasts more than two years. Grants arranged by the Cancer Trust are at least $10 Million per Research Module (known as Tranche #1 Funding) and the following Funding (Tranche #2 can easily last a decade and exceed $100 Million per Research Module).

Role of the Molecular Biologist

These scientists are superb at finding promising targets to attack and they should remain involved in the process of making those targets "drugable."

"No Secrets Among Us"

When scientists can truly collaborate -- as they must do in a Cancer Trust Program -- it is an accelerant to progress. This point has been proven through over centuries of research.

Aligned Incentives

The 4 Cancer Centers -- which each provide a scientist to lead a Research Module -- each receive 25% of every dollar of economic benefit which comes from monetizing the fruits of research.