An Overview of

A funding transaction orchestrated by The Cancer Trust takes approximately twelve months from start to finish, with The Cancer Trust acting as a facilitator and hand-maiden. The process involves a carefully calibrated sequence of nine events.

  1. Search For Funding Source

    The Cancer Trust conducts a search for funding from the industries of Biotech, Pharma, Wall Street and Philanthropy.

  2. Assembly of Scientific Talent Pool

    The Cancer Trust assembles a Talent Pool, which is typically made up of four "Research Modules" -- each module is led by a Principal Investigator.

  3. Introduction of Funding Source To Talent Pool

    A relationship is created between the Funding Source and the Scientific Talent Pool. Trust-building leads to alligned incetives.

  4. Formulation of Scientific Vision

    The Scientific Talent Pool creates a research plan and timeline based of their goals and vision. The plan is presented to the Funding Source in order to access a Grant.

  5. Approval of Phase 1 Research Grant

    Funder approves the Phase #1 Research Grant (up to $50 Million and lasting one year).

  6. Orchestration of "Term Sheet"

    The Cancer Trust orchestrates a "Term Sheet" using its Master Template.

  7. Presentation of Definitive Contracts

    The Cancer Trust orchestrates definitive contracts using its Master Template.

  8. Closing of Transaction

    Press Release and disbursement of Phaser #1 Funds (to be shared equally among the Four Research Modules).

  9. Presentation of Phase 2 Research Grant...

    One year later, The Scientific Talent Pool can access a Phase #2 Grant of up to $500 Million lasting a decade, so long as the long-term research plan is viable.