An Overview of

A funding transaction orchestrated by The Cancer Trust would appeal to a broad range of clients from fields and industries such as...

Comprehensive Cancer Centers

Their are over 50 CCCs designated by the National Cancer Institute and with NCI funding declining, these research centers will be drawn to the new capital sources accessed by The Cancer Trust.

Silicon Valley

Cancer research implicates astounding amounts of information. Silicon Valley companies are an obvious candidate for funding Cancer Trust Collaboratives because they can understand as well as facilitate the data-intensive research.

Investment Funds

Success in Research Labs occurs without any relationship to the ups and downs of the Stock Market -- making funding of a Cancer Trust project "non-correlated," and hence an attractive asset class.


Almost any philanthropist would like a collaboration of several Research Modules because they provide more "shots on goal" in terms of achieving a high impact from every charity dollar.

Biotech & Pharma

These companies view a collaborative assembled by the Cancer Trust as a potential long-term pipeline of new anticancer drugs -- and are willing to provide funding in exchange for rights of first refusal to the Research IP $500 Million, lasting a decade.